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Melofée bustle Pokémon GO: Great, calendar… all about the lunar event!


To celebrate Harvest Month this year, a special event featuring Clefairy, a type Pokémon, will be held in Pokémon GO on Saturday evening, September 10, 2022. Color !

Ajitation de Mélofée: presentation of the event

  • On Saturday evening, September 10, 2022, Clifford will appear more often in the wild. from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.local hour,
  • There are no other active bonuses, but you can use it to catch the Chromatic Horned Fairy!

As such, this is a very short and rather special event, as you won’t get any special fieldwork or specific bonuses other than hitting a Clefairy. A kind of miniature community day where you have 3 hours to catch a shiny ax or have good stats. Note that Psy Phantasmagoria is also in progress.

Harvest Month is a very big event in Japan, and other Clayfaire events are happening throughout the week, such as the Chromatic Clayfaire distribution at Pokemon Sword and Shield hubs. Even with the new Animal Crossing horizon, you can still enjoy a beautiful full moon in the sky tonight.

On the Pokémon TV side, all the episodes dedicated to Melofe are broadcast online. Official page.

Shiny Clefairy: What does it look like?

  • Ketil Color
  • number 035
  • His Pokédex page
  • Sub-evolution: Melo
  • Evolution: Clefable (Use 50 Candies)

Sparkling version available in Mélofée green ears instead of brown. It’s a very fine detail that can sometimes be overlooked, so watch your screen carefully. Note that the regular Clefairy has been available in-game since its release in 2016, but the chromatic version is available for Valentine’s Day 2019!

A regular trimmer
A brilliant mower

Either way, consider rolling your eyes to the sky tonight! You will see this famous harvest moon light up your city.

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