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Munna Pokémon GO: Shiny, Bonus… Take advantage of the special period of September 6, 2022


While this isn’t the first time this adorable creature has appeared in Pokémon GO, special September 2022 watches let you catch it again. Obligatory In normal and shiny versions. The event is taking place This Tuesday, September 6, 2022, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.. So you only have one hour to capture as many shots as possible. Here’s everything you need to know about Munna so you won’t waste any time.

Note that the following bonus will be activated during the featured hour:

  • 2x more stardust while shooting

General information about Muna

  • Ketil: psychic
  • Available in-game from February 2021
  • Advanced weather: wind
  • National Pokédex Number: #517 (Gen 5, black and white)
  • His Pokédex page

Munna Shiny and its evolution Mushana: what do they look like?

Munna is available in a chromatic version from August 2022. Thanks in particular to the Pokémon GO Fest final event, it has been made available in Shiny, much to the delight of trainers. This is what Munna Shiny and its evolution Mushana Shiny look like.

should be normal
it must be brilliant
normal business
luminous mushana

How to develop Munna Mushan?

Munna is one of the very easy Pokémon to evolve. It has only one evolution: Mushana. To get it, just catch Munna to get candies, but also to get an Unova Stone: Feel free to use Nanana Berries or spin Pokestops (7 day streak) to get more sweets and complete the work phase. Unova Stones.

  • You will need a total of 50 Munna Candy and 1 Unova Stone to turn him into Mushan.

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