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Pokémon GO: Changes have been made in secret…players are bubbling!


celebrity fans Pokemon Go They are back! It’s about Niantic’s lack of communication, which they believe will be very annoying in the long run. According to the actors behind the move, the teams responsible for the mobile game apparently only announced that certain elements would be removed after they were removed. Some frustrated coaches find themselves without the long-awaited weekly bonuses or the Ultraballs they rely on so heavily to catch everyone.

Where are the ultra balls?

It all started a few days ago when a Reddit user named @SparklinStar1440 posted a rather angry message in the Pokémon GO Discoveries subsection. A Niantic manufacturer accuses the company To remove various bonuseswith random frequencies and without notifying anyone on the networks.

What’s wrong with Niantic removing/changing things without showing them? From TheSilphRoad

“For example, a free box containing 30 ultraballs every day of the week disappeared 2 days ago without explanation.
Either a weekly box containing 1 Pokécoin this week. No explanation, he just disappeared.


Losing 30 ultraballs is really frustrating, especially since I don’t live near a pokestop.
Niantic told us, but did I miss it? Or do they really care?

SparklinStar1440 – Reddit

(The source)

The mentioned Ultraballs have indeed disappeared from the playing surface, and Niantic has yet to comment on the situation. These actors blame the company’s lack of communication, and no one knows if the company will speak up to reassure the public in the coming days. will start with new bases.

Community reactions

There were mixed reactions to comments on the Reddit post in question. Both positive and negative. Some support what the petitioner said, others defend Niantic, saying they can’t please everyone. It’s up to you to form your own opinion.

“They were really able to speak directly to people, the problem is that they had a bad relationship over the years with poor communication and no listening to players.

They need to refresh the entire business decision-making process and then build goodwill within a few years. Of course, that will never happen because Niantic is a deeply dysfunctional company and if they had the ability to fix it, they would have done it already.

Dinkley1001 – Reddit

(The source)

“My question is always why? The things they buy often have little monetary value. Are they buying enough to compensate for the loss of customers? Most people feel good about getting free stuff, no matter how small. So what was it? The negative point of this box? Yes, some people like to complain about it, but that’s because things are getting worse. Again, why are you doing this?”

00066677888 – Reddit

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“If you’ve ever done customer service, you know people love to complain and you can never please everyone. Frankly, it would be wise for them to end the relationship because people always want more.

It’s a company. You would think they would be wrong, despite all the complaints, they made a ton of money last year and they will continue because people will pay!

one thing is sure This topic will be discussed on the platform. Perhaps all this fuss will be noticed by Niantic teams and the company will talk about it in the coming days. So players can finally know where their Ultraball is going.

Source : Millenium



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