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Pokémon GO Worlds 2022: Interview of the Top 10 French players with Dexxb


It was made between August 18 and 21, 2022. Pokemon World Championship In 5 different events: Card Game (JCC), Video Game (VGC), Pokken Tournament DX, Pokémon Unite and Pokémon GO. Today I want to revisit the hype around Niantic’s mobile gameplay and PvP. I often say this in my articles, but I have to admit that PoGo continues to generate a lot of interest among gamers around the world And it’s probably because of their regular updates and events. After all, Pokédex isn’t finished yet, and there’s plenty to do in the mobile app, festivals, and other legends. Especially since the competitive aspect of the title is still in its infancy and has a very bright future.

Does Pokémon GO have a bright future on the competitive side?

While the mobile game content will certainly maintain a strong player base for years to come, the PvP side has been a bit ambiguous for me so far. Thanks to the 2022 Worlds, I was able to learn and see how the competition is fun to follow, easy to understand in different aspects, and ultimately not so difficult to reach. Of course, as I said in the previous Robalas interview, just seeing him on screen isn’t enough to win a Pokémon GO PvP match.

Like Pokémon Unite, I had the pleasure of discovering the breadth of Pokémon GO’s competitive scene. The atmosphere, the organization, the number of actors and spectators, the stage and the sets… It had absolutely nothing to do with my past experiences in Frankfurt and Lille this year.

Interview with DexxB: His Journey and Thoughts on the Pokémon GO PvP Scene

At the world championships in London, only one Frenchman managed to qualify for the competition and even performed so well that we placed him in 10th place in the ranking! I was able to ask him a few questions on the spot, learning about his passion for PvP and his hopes for the future. Like him I hope PvP will grow even more in the coming months. The official broadcast welcomed thousands of viewers, and the crowd in the hall went into a trance during the grand finale. Now we have to show everyone who might be interested in PvP that the French community can accompany them to test their experience and who knows, see you at the 2023 Worlds in Yokohama!

If you want to know more, here are the Discord links dedicated to Pokémon GO PvP:

  • LeFrenchPvP : Opposition of the competitive French community of PoGO,
  • french nativity scene : Discord is specially created for those who want to learn more about PvP and get trainers.

Nicolas, an active member of FrenchPvP, found that even the remote event posed great hype for Pokémon GO PvP. Repeat in French formy78 For them, the goal was to let the French follow the competition, to introduce it to as many people as possible. As iDexxBL said in an interview, the Pokémon GO community is truly united and the whole nation was there to support it.

Suddenly, the players were at their level and we felt that behind it was a lot of preparation, advanced strategies, excellent execution, very dynamic and even uncertain games until the end! The production and location were clearly brilliant, a very pleasant setting for a well-promoted game. In short, this year is a good first step for PoGo to finally become a competitive esports scene.

Nicolas, French PvP community

And that’s all we want for this PvP community: to grow and attract more new players to make Worlds 2023 even crazier.

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