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Pokémon GO: a major partnership with McDonald’s has just been launched!


A rather unusual collaboration that has thrilled the French trainers! As of today, Pokémon GO is only available at McDonald’s and McCafé stores in France. This is why the French are lucky enough to be able to explore these new war zones in the most popular fast food restaurant in the country.

Pokémon Go has partnered with McDonald’s!

This image for 1 yearAll Restaurants McDonald’s will turn into a PokéStop and vacant restaurants McCafe Arena will be. Enough to cheer up Pokémon GO players who can now catch small creatures, find objects, as well as fight and / or interact with other players at the table.

Credit: McDonald’s France
“Trainers, starting August 22, McDonald’s is teaming up with Pokémon GO for an all-new adventure!

Your favorite McDonald’s™ restaurants will be PokéStops and McCafé® Arenas. Now you can enjoy a delicious meal with your friends and catch new Pokémon at the same time!”

Pokémon GO Live

(The source)

This announcement on the nets aroused a lot of joy among French coaches and a lot of envy among international players. No one knows if the device will continue to spread outside of France in the months to come. By the way, we are going to enjoy the same!

McCafe Raids

from September 13A special event will take place in restaurants with McCafe. This approach is also part of the partnership between Pokémon GO and McDonalds and promises to be very, very difficult for players. Over the course of a week, trainers discover McCaffee’s bust: “A week to meet very powerful and rare Pokémon on site and in teams”.

Credits: Niantic x MacDonald’s

Sure, The identity of this Pokémon is kept secretFans of the game have been suspended until September 13. Throughout the duration of the partnership, i.e. one year, Three more McCafé raids to come! We suspect that every time a powerful new Pokemon appears and players try to catch it.

Dear trainers, here is an opportunity not to be missed. unreleased pokemon (and ultra powerful), but also to meet other players. One thing is certain, we will be there for the raids! (No no no for burgers at all)

Source : Millenium



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