Coxy Pokémon GO: Shiny, Bonus… Take advantage of the special period of July 5, 2022

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While this isn’t the first time this adorable creature has appeared in Pokémon GO, the July 2022 Special Hours will have you catching it again. Coke In normal and shiny versions. The event will take place on Tuesday, July 5, 2022, between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. So you only have one hour to capture as many shots as possible. Here’s everything you need to know about coke so you don’t waste time.

Note that the following bonus will be activated during the featured hour:

  • 2x more shooting experience

General information about cola

  • Species: Bug and rena
  • Available in game since February 2017
  • Advanced weather: rain and wind
  • National Pokédex Number: #165
  • His Pokédex page

Coxy and Coxyclaque are brilliant: what do they look like?

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Coxy is available in a chromatic version from September 2020. Below is what the shiny Coxy looks like and its evolution is the shiny Coxyclaque.

Coxy normal - Pokemon GO
normal coke
Coxy Shiny - Pokémon GO
shiny cola
Normal Coxslap - Pokemon GO
Normal click of the coccyx
Shiny Coxyslap - Pokemon GO
shiny beef

How does Coxy evolve into Coxyslap?

Coxy is one of the easiest Pokémon to evolve. It has only one evolution: Coxyslap. To get it, take Coxy to get Coxy Candy: Feel free to use Nanana Berries to get more. You will need a total of 25 Coxy Candies to turn him into Coxyslap.

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