League of Legends Fright Night Skins Release Date

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League of Legends developer Riot Games has given us a first look at their new series of skins, Fright Night. Fright Night is sure to grab everyone’s attention with its Tim Burton-inspired art style and atmosphere. These skins are updated versions of the player-voted gothic skins series.

We should receive a total of six new skins for this series of skins. These costumes will be Fright Night Renata, Fright Night Nautilus, Fright Night Annie, Fright Night Draven, Fright Night Trundle and Fright Night Urgot, they are amazing and ready for the Halloween season. It is not yet known if the Prestige Edition skin will also be included.

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Many people are wondering when these skin lines will be available for purchase, but look no further. All Fright Night skins will be available for purchase just in time as we enter the Halloween season when they arrive in patch 12.18 on September 21.

These skins should cost no more than 1,350 RP and are a must buy for any player looking to give their favorite champion a new skin.

Source : dbl tap

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