Is an esports team ready to invest 1 million in a stadium?

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Sports are expensive Expensive. Between transfer fees, fees, communication and organizing activities, the teams have a solid interest to support. The environment is also very competitive in nature, and it’s not always easy to leverage your fanbase to monetize your image and performance. At this little game, the Asian builds seem to gain a huge advantage. China is known for its vast facilities and the team has put over a million dollars on the table to construct the “buildings”. It is of course an exaggeration to speak only of buildings, given what seems to be planned. We don’t have all the details yet, but here we go. dotesports The site includes two buildings to accommodate passionate fans. The first will have the ability 3000 seatsthe second would be a little more modest, “just” 1000 seatsS

A recurring rumor that has come true

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The team that is in the middle of this huge project, Edward’s Game (EDG). This Chinese construction celebrates its 9th anniversary and is one of the heavyweights of the League of Legends scene. The reigning world champion has also won the LPL on several occasions (6). If fans in France are more familiar with teams like G2, Fnatic or Karmine Corp, such a structure would not come close to EDG. This story of the creation of EDG may seem familiar to some: we have been talking about it for a little over a year. But Hupu Esports has rekindled the hype. According to the media, this is no longer a rumor, but a real project with a precise opening date!

In the past, we talked about the project to be created in 2023. But according to this new wave of information, we will have to wait. year 2025. The rest is really nothing new. I’m waiting for space 50000 m² takes placeShanghai International Art Center for Culture and Creative Sports. A 10 million yuan frenzy was mooted, almost equivalent to that.$1.5 million. EDG will rely on the support to pay for the work supergeneis a sister company. But beware, the esport structure does not have to pay the bills on its own. The center included other infrastructure (swimming pool, indoor freefall area, hotels, restaurants, etc.). There will therefore be many reasons to go there!

Home Gaming: The future of esports?

League of Legends

League of Legends is definitely one of the most advanced esports in the world. But for now, the ecosystem is still incomparable to sports, especially if we are talking about reference sports such as football or basketball. The teams currently do not have a stadium and do not have a home/away system. A club like Karmine Corp, for example, Room to rent (Bercy, Palais des Congrès) to offer expertise in physics (known as KCX). But EDG’s initiative can inspire others… Actors everywhere are trying to create “housing”. This will help reach more people and push esports forward.

Obviously, the investment is expensive and you should be able to fill your stadium by selling as many tickets as possible. But we’re willing to bet it will happen in 50 years. Standard.

Source : Millenium

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