LoL: An unexpected (but stylish) crossover between Pokémon and League of Legends

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We love the crossovers here, especially the impossible ones. Sure, there’s the official ones like Dragon Ball in Fortnite or Attack on Titan in Call of Duty Vanguard, and fan favorites like the hugely successful Pokémon x Venom. We’re going to tell you about the crossover here, because it’s not an official crossover, it’s not a fan-made crossover. The company has indeed created an amazing sculpture that combines the worlds of Pokemon and League of Legends. If you like Pikachu and Yasuo but your bank account is being created, close this window now.

embarrassed pikachu

If you hate Yasuo (and you probably do), here’s a pass that will do him a favor in your eyes, because This Pikachu statue has all the embarrassing features, but it’s way cuter.

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League of Legends
League of Legends

The result is quite stunning, and an appearance of Pikachu in Summoner’s Rift is easily imagined (it would be fire, admit it!). It bothers you to see the most famous Pokemon smash their opponents, launch tornadoes and shout HASAGI every 30 seconds, doesn’t it?

If you feel like cracking up, now might be the time. The 20cm statue is currently on sale (don’t expect 50% off) and is apparently limited to 300 pieces. If you want to put it on your desktop, then here.

Source : Millenium

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