Fright Night Urgot Skin Splash Art, price, release date, how to get it?

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Fright Night Urgot is one of six new skins Riot Games announced on Thursday to celebrate the upcoming season of Fright Night. Halloween is coming – two months from now – Riot is kicking off the festivities early with new faces for Renata, Nautilus, Annie, Draven, Trundle and finally Urgoth.

Splash art by Fright Night Urgot.

Splash art by Fright Night Urgot. / Courtesy of Riot Games

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Fright Night Urgot is inspired by the character of Oogie Boogie, the nemesis of the horror season classic The Nightmare Before Christmas, directed by Tim Burton. This version of Urgot wears a white bag over his body with an odd smile on his face. The bottom half is black, shimmering with purple accents reminiscent of the jack-o-lantern design.

Fright Night Urgot will cost players 1350 RP.

Fright Night Urgot was added to the public beta environment on Thursday, September 8, increasing the likelihood of it hitting live servers with patch 12.18 on Wednesday, September 21, 2022.

The safest way to get Fright Night Urgot is to purchase the costume from the League of Legends Client Item Shop. It can also be unlocked in different ways in the loot tab.

Source : dbl tap

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