Why did KC Rekkles remove the ‘Rekkles’ tattoos?

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Photo: Rekkles

Recles He is one of the best League of Legends players in the world, as evidenced by his illustrious career. fnatic And the last drink Carmine Corp.. But the Swedish ADC is much more than a player: he is an icon. With her usually very trendy image and style, she weighs the nets and consistently strikes poses, delighting fans. Reckles isn’t entirely the envy of Instagram models, and it’s no coincidence that he’s considered one of the big names on the European scene.

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past Hair And a variety of haircuts fascinated the audience. He oscillated between good and bad, had a cookie, almost zero balls, or a cesarean. But there is another physical aspect that gets a lot of attention: too much. tattoos. For a long time, the Swede was fascinated by the fact that he had a nickname tattooed on his right arm. However, those who follow the actor on the networks know it: this period is over and this cult has completely erased the tattoos. For those who really want to understand the reason for this decision, Reckles gave a little more information about the streaming session.

What tattoos are we talking about?

League of Legends

The world of League of Legends isn’t particularly famous for tattoos, but many players enjoy the practice. But one thing is clear, if you ask which tattoo has had the most impact on the public, one of the first answers that comes to mind is the tattoo.Recles“Rekles. The latter actually had a nickname on his right arm. While some find that a little self-centered, it served to particularly highlight the importance of the game to Swedish identity. On his left. Kol, he wrote the letters tooCMELFor those who don’t know, the following letters correspond to initials: Carl MartinEric Larson. But impossible to forget his name!

While at G2 Esports, he was also noticed adorning his hands with a new design while retaining the previous two tattoos. At the time, he had two complete arms with different symbols (waves, scales, tribal symbols…). Everything was harmonious and the result was quite harmonious… Only downside: The results were not among the Summoner’s Rift samurai.

Why did Reckless remove cult tattoos?

However, the actress, who went on vacation by the pool in May, stunned those who saw her. In addition to being very special, the Swede unveiled several new tattoos. His back is now well covered, but the most amazing thing is that these two arms are now fully tattooed and have uniform names. “Recles” and “CMEL”, “deleted“Or rather, they mingle with the masses. Not to mention surprisingly few people were interested in this choice. During the show, the Swede was asked this question. explanatory elements.

Reckles has a hooded female figure in the middle of his chest. And he wanted those tattoos to stay in shape together. same table… There was only one solution to that: fill all the sleeves with his tattoos. The patterns and inscriptions he made in the past contradicted the harmony of the main tattoo. He half implied he wasn’t interested in those old tattoos anymore. It was no problem for him to see them disappear. Very satisfied with the result and feels today good feeling. Karmine Corp. Good news for fans: a confident loner is often a title-winning loner.

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