Fortnite Dreamer Cup Details

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Fortnite’s Dreamer Cup events begin today, September 6. The details are here.

The Dreamer Cup is a tournament for Zero Build Squads. The tournament is the result of a collaboration between Fortnite and DC Comics, hence the presence of the famous DC Hero who gave his name to the tournament. According to Fortnite’s competitive schedule, “at the end of the event, the top ranked teams will receive early access to the Dreamer cosmetic outfit.”

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As noted, the Dreamer Cup kicked off in the Middle East region at 11 a.m. ET on Tuesday. For players in the European region, the tournament will resume at 1:00 p.m. ET. Eligible players on any platform can participate.


Eligible players must be at least I – IV in the Open League in their server region. The event will last three hours, a player can participate in a maximum of 10 matches in the tournament. Players will receive points based on where they finish, and the sum of those points at the end of the tournament will determine the player’s finish in the tournament.

score a goal

Here are the scores based on entering a round. In addition, an additional point is awarded for each opposing player expelled.

Victory Royale: 30 points

2nd: 24 points

3: 21 points

4: 19 points

5th: 17 points

6th: 15 points

7th: 14 points

8.: 13 points

9.: 12 points

10: 11 points

11th: 10 points

12: 9 points

13: 8 points

14: 7 points

15: 6 points

16: 5 points

17: 4 points

18: 3 points

19.: 2 points

20:1 points


The Dreamer cosmetic outfit has been awarded to players with several hundred tournament rankings, making it a true badge of achievement. Restrictions vary by region. See the Fortnite contest site for the full list of prizes and other tournament rules.

Source : dbl tap

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