Fortnite releases Phantasm’s Level Up Mission Pack

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Epic Games has released a new Fortnite Phantasm Level Up Quest Pack to help players gain additional levels before the season ends.

Need to level up your Battle Pass while earning some awesome cosmetics along the way? Then Phantasm’s Level Up Quest Pack might be just what you need. Epic Games’ latest Level Up Mission Pack offers players seven special missions every week for four consecutive weeks to help you level up. That’s 28 missions in total.

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Additionally, when players purchase this level up mission pack, they immediately unlock the Phantasm outfit. Each level up mission involves collecting a level up token hidden somewhere on the Fortnite island. For completing missions throughout the week, players will unlock new cosmetic rewards. Here are all the rewards players can get.

Each week, players have a chance to receive the following items:

Completing each leveling mission rewards players with a higher level, which means players can earn a total of 28 levels.

Source : dbl tap

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