You can get Doctor Who spray with free ransom code –

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The first season of Fortnite 3 is coming to an end, but while waiting for the post-Battle Royale episode, Epic Games will welcome a small collaboration that does not eat bread. It’s one of the most respected sci-fi series, Dr. This is a new creative map available under license from Hus. What interests players even more is free spray He offers!

Fortnite: Battle Royale

How to get a free spray?

The code to get the free spray is revealed at the end of the Doctor Who map, but if you don’t want to spend time in that game mode, here’s the code. To participate in the Fortnite Exchange Program :

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After entering this code, you will receive the item directly in your account.

in limited quantities

This promotional code is only valid 5 million times worldwide and until March 24 maximum. This is in principle the maximum amount that will give you time to recover the object, but if you are a collector and there is a risk that you blow your nose, we recommend that you maneuver as soon as possible!

How to play Doctor Who on the map?

The custom map created for the case was quickly unimaginable. It is the result of a collaboration between Epic Games and QuantumBuilds. Nothing will stop you from getting there until it’s too late. The access code to the map from the Creative menu is as follows:

Source : Millenium

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