Fortnite Battle Royale v21.30 update adds Prime shotgun: full details announced

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Fornite’s latest Battle Royale update has arrived. Everything here is included in the game thanks to the v21.30 patch.

Summer is here and so is the latest Fortnite patch. Battle Royale fans can look forward to Season 3 Episode 3 with lots of new additions, upcoming events, and adjustments. Today’s update for July 18, v21.30 sees a new weapon enter the loot pool – the Prime Shotgun, which allows players to deal the most damage on the first shot.

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Here’s everything that’s been added and changed as part of this latest update.

first rifle

The new Prime Shotgun deals the most damage on the first shot in the clip. The other three hits provide consistent levels of damage across all three hits. Players can track the number of bullets remaining by viewing the ammo meter and gun light on screen.

Prime Shotgun can be found from the ground, chests, supplies, reality seedlings, fishing, and sharks.

summer party

This year’s summer festivities begin in a few days. Stay tuned for holiday details this week.

A super level style upgrade

This season’s premium styles have been updated. Players can now choose Platinum Rift, Lapis Slurp, and Auric Blaze styles along with all other combinations of Malik, Evie, Adira, Sabina, and Stormfarer.

Notes on the competition

Important bug fixes

Source : dbl tap

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