Predator: Prey reveals in next trailer

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The Predator brand is not a bed of roses. Only a few films focusing on this universe have actually achieved success. Most of them have failed, although the character of a space hunter equipped with futuristic technology is an interesting element both for games and for the screen. Predator will return to action on Hulu and in the Czech Republic on Disney+ as early as August 5th, when it starts hunting Indians and white people. Yes, musket-wielding settlers will also get a role in Predator: Prey, and I’m definitely counting on the alien killer of dangerous prey not being their primary target, at least not initially.

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It’s clear from the trailer that Predator: Prey will be dropping heads. Blood will be shed and the space hunter will get his way, at least for most of the movie. Some parts of it are downright weak (shooting a bear), but overall it’s an acceptable two-minute video. I would like this movie not to be embarrassed by a famous brand, so hopefully it will be successful. What about you, how did the new trailer make you feel?

Source : Zing

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