When does Apex Legends Season 15 start?

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Apex Legends Season 14 is in full swing and has brought King’s Canyon back to the map with a makeover. But as with any playerbase, all eyes are on the future. Players are brimming with anticipation for a possible new Moon map and other possible surprises on the horizon.

But when does the new season start?

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Based on previous seasons and the Battle Pass countdown, we can expect Season 15 on November 1. It’s been quite a while since the second episode of the ranked season hasn’t even started yet.

But it’s not just a potential moon map, players can also expect a new legend. The only rumor about the next legend is codenamed Catalyst. That name could stay, or Respawn could come up with something else.

The legend featured has many abilities based on created “walls” and “structures” that give Fortnite some awesome vibes. It’s hard to say how the public will react, but it’s probably not very good, so Respawn will have to be smart about it.

The new map itself should satisfy the Apex community, so Legend doesn’t need to spoil the game, it’s just a fun new character to get fans excited.

Source : dbl tap

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