In short: Super Sonic, protection for FIFA 23

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Good morning. Czech story trailer God of War: Ragnarok. Tempting today’s presentation of the Xbox. The success of Call of Duty Mobile. Another departure of the head of the studio 343 Industries.

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FIFA 23 the computer will be protected from scammers by a new system EA Anticheat (EAAC). The solution will work at the core level, like Valorant or Call of Duty. EA promises him to protect football matches. Defense will be important as FIFA 23 will feature cross-platform play.

— Phil Spencer of Microsoft’s gaming division. invites all players see Xbox Presentation at Tokyo Game Show 2022. We look forward to showcasing games from internal Xbox Game Studios teams and partners. Spencer hopes that the games will delight players not only in Asia, but around the world.. The presentation will take place today at 11:00 and will last 50 minutes.

– For yesterday’s story trailer God of War: Ragnarok you can watch again, this time with Czech subtitles:

Dan Houserco-founder of Rockstar and former creative director of the Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption series, invested in the studio spinning games and became a member of the advisory board. Web3 game development and technology firm Revolving Games has received over $25 million as of 2020, employs over 100 people, and wants to create AAA-quality games using the blockchain. The first project is a strategy MMO in the style of Battlestar Galactica. The second is Skyborne Legacy, a co-op RPG inspired by Animal Crossing and The Legend of Zelda.

– On the occasion of the Tokyo Game Show 2022, Sega released a new gameplay trailer on Sound boundaries. In addition to open world-like open areas, the game retains some of the classic elements of the series. one of them is Super Sonicthat lights up in the video. We also see new types of enemies, including a giant titan.

– Koei Tekmo puts to the upcoming name of the role playing game Ronin uprising from the ninja team great expectations. According to Bloomberg, the company plans to sell over five million units. The game is exclusive to the PlayStation 5 console, which opens the door for an as-yet unconfirmed PC version.

call of duty mobile has over 300 million downloads and sales volume exceeds one billion US dollars. The first-person shooter, released almost three years ago, is one of the most successful mobile games of all time. That’s about $859,000 a day. After that, approximately $5.8 million a week. $25.8 million in the last 30 days.

– Studio 343 industries lost another important member. Previous boss and co-founder Bonnie Ross was recently forced out for family reasons. He should have joined her now David Berger, who has been with the team for over 14 years and has been with Microsoft for over 20 years. According to his LinkedIn profile, he built a 120-person engineering team from scratch and helped develop the Slipspace engine that powers Halo Infinite.

– Upgrade to Sniper Elite 5 added not only new content from the Season Pass, but also a free survival map in the ruins of a picturesque French town. On the other hand, the Hidden Target Pack includes new camo gear, new weapons, and a new set of weapon skins.

– Development Rainbow Six Siege some time ago, the Spanish studio took over Ubisoft, which is becoming a key player for the French company. He is still working on Beyond Good and Evil 2 as well as unannounced project.

– Nintendo Switch owners can look forward to Resurrected. The role-playing game has passed quality control. Now find out when it will be released. But this should happen in the next few months.

– Already 20. 9. on Xbox Series X/S as well as prefix 5 coming out Hardspace: Shipwreck. Steam players praise the space debris disassembly and rate the game very positively. Now you can see what’s in store for you in the longer video. It will appear in Game Pass on the day of release.

– In games Call of Duty (Warzone, Black Ops Cold War, Mobile, Modern Warfare, etc.) was associated with cheating and/or toxic behavior. 500 thousand accounts banned. Of these, 300,000 accounts thanks to automatic filtering that identifies inappropriate words and names. The chat is also controlled by a team of people. On this occasion, Activision says that players must treat everyone with respect, compete fairly and remain vigilant.

– If you play slime rancher through Xbox Game Pass, so the game will leave the service on September 30, i.e. a little over a week after the launch of the early access version Slime Rancher 2. Then you can move right here.

– fighting motorcycle racing road redemption coming to smartphones and tablets after release in 2017 and 2018 for PC and consoles. For iOS and Android, we should expect a spiritual successor to Road Rash soon.

Source :Indian TV

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