Respawn Delivers New Patch to Apex and Fixes Seer Game Crashes

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Respawn Entertainment has released a new patch for Apex Legends that fixes a number of frustrating bugs that have marred matches.

Apex players have come across a lot of things lately. The game has been full of bugs since the start of the new season of Hunted a few weeks ago. Despite Respawn’s best efforts, new bugs keep popping up. Players had to deal with audio line stacking, game crashes due to certain abilities, and more.

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Thankfully, Respawn has released a small patch to fix most of these issues.

Respawn shared on Twitter all the fixes introduced as part of this latest update, including:

While this quick fix won’t fix all the issues currently plaguing Apex Legends, it should help keep the game more stable for now.

Source : dbl tap

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