Apex Legends Pro thinks it was kicked out of the game by hackers

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Pro Apex Legends player HisWattson believes he was targeted and kicked out of the games by hackers. Hacking is a problem in almost every multiplayer game imaginable. The more popular the title, the more scammers you deal with and the more complex they are.

Other developers have created anti-cheat software needed to install their players. Things like Ricochet or Riot Vanguard make it easy for developers to fight hackers. Apex Legends has an anti-cheat system, but not a basic anti-cheat system like the features mentioned above.

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Most players understand the pain of dealing with a hacker with aim assist, wall breaking, or a movement speed boost, but this one takes it to another level. HisWattson claims he was shot as soon as he jumped ship and receives the “Code Cloud” error message. And he takes a penalty to put salt in the wound.

Once he turned his stream off, the problem seemed to go away. If so, Respawn has a lot of work to do when it comes to cheating. Dealing with hackers who can kick you out of the lobby and fine you is probably the worst case scenario.

Respawn recently released a patch that targets several different bugs but doesn’t mention any of these issues.

Source : dbl tap

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