Apex Legends Announces Most Rarely Hit Cosmetics

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Like any other video game, Apex Legends has cosmetics. Although they are divided into several different layers, some elements are much rarer than others. It was recently revealed which are the rarest items in Apex Legends and how many players are using them.

A tweet from @_ApexStatus revealed which are the six rarest items. The six items are three banner frames and three virtual sprays. Banners were presented for a limited time during a special event. According to the post, the banners could only be earned by submitting a Google form advertised in the Monster Energy promotion.

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As for the three banners, the stats surrounding them are staggering. Frameworks have been released for Fuse, Wattson and Octane.

The Fuse flag is currently deprecated, two players own the Wattson flag, and three players use Octane. Apex Legends has a total of 14.5 million players.

Many players weren’t even aware of the release of these items and the Monster Energy promotion.

If Apex Legends ever implements a trading system in games like Rocket League, these items could be worth a pretty decent penny. But before that, check your inventory to see if you have these cosmetic items on display.

Source : dbl tap

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