Apex Legends Leak May Announce Upcoming Collector Event And Skins For Season 14

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SenosApeksAn Apex Legends dataminer posted a leak on Twitter showing four flags from the Fuse, Lifeline, Horizon, Valkyrie, and Loba banners. This strongly suggests that there will be a collectibles event at some point in Season 14.

The posters featured are made up of multiple themes, so it’s unclear what the fundraising event will be called and what else will air. The leaker also revealed that they believe these frames will come with Legendary skins, saying, “It should be Legendary for Lifeline and Horizon, but based only on getting epic rare frames, so don’t take my word for it. . hundred%.”

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Season 14 aired on August 9, so players had time to adjust to the new season. There is no timeline for the start of the event, but we expect it to be halfway through this season.

Season 14 received many mixed reviews, with NickMercs blowing up the ranked mode and detailing how it should be “saved”. We hope the Collection event adds quality of life updates, not just cosmetics, to keep players and creators happy with the popular Battle Royale.

Source : dbl tap

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