Xbox Series X/S beats PS5 in key markets

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The last few months belonged to consoles Xbox Series X/Swhich have become a leader among next generation consoles in key markets. This was announced during the presentation of the company’s results by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

“With our Xbox Series X and S, we have gained global market share for two consecutive quarters.” Nadella added. This confirmed earlier information that the new generation of Xbox is gradually gaining more and more market share. In the last quarter, American console companies led the next gen consoles in the US, Canada, the UK and Western Europe.

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But the point is not that interest in the PlayStation 5 faded, only Microsoft managed to do this from the fall of 2021 to March 2022. bring more of their consoles to markets. Rumor has it that last year Microsoft paid to get scarce chips for production as a priority. This strategy can affect the results of the entire gaming division.

It is a pity that we still do not know the official sales of the Xbox Series X / S consoles. Only marketing director Aaron Ginberg recently shared an unofficial sales estimate of 13.87 million units. Sony has reported that 17.3 million PS5s have been sold by the end of 2021.

In other words, the PlayStation 5 is usually expected to sell more, but lately those with the green logo have been selling faster. Other reports testify to this. Xbox Series X/S sales in Europe were higher than PS5 sales for the first time in February of this year, and in March 2022, the best-selling consoles in the UK were consoles with the Xbox logo..

So whatever the numbers, Microsoft is happy with the Xbox One and looking forward to the next period. But the public will be interested in how individual models work. It is generally accepted that the cheaper Xbox Series S, which is mainly chosen by undemanding casual gamers, is doing very well, while the more enthusiastic bet on the more powerful Series X.

In terms of finances, Microsoft generated $49.4 billion in revenue in the third quarter of this fiscal year. This is 19% more than in the same period last year. Operating profit reached $20.4 billion (+19%), beating analysts’ expectations by as much as 11%.

Gaming revenue reached $3.74 billion, up 6% from the previous year. It can be said that players have literally jumped on the Xbox Series X/S, resulting in a 14% increase in sales.

Subscription worked too Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. Unsurprisingly, Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5 complementary partner games have been added since release.

Xbox services improved by 4% and Microsoft Cloud earned $23.4 billion, up 32% from a year earlier.

In the fourth quarter, Microsoft expects a decline in gaming revenue due to fewer hours compared to last year and a limited number of consoles. Although the number of hours played should be higher than before the pandemic.

Source :Indian TV

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