Are you running out of stamina? Take Birell Active!

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Are you struggling to overcome a difficult level? The new Birell Active flavours will help you in even the most difficult game battle, so you can show what you have in you.

Whether you’re heading out on a long raid, a tournament, or enjoying a weekend of the latest game, there should never be a shortage of energy. That’s why the new Birell Active comes in five refreshing flavors. With a balanced dose of caffeine and vitamin B6, these three flavors will give you the energy you need to perform at your best.

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Are you running out of stamina? Take Birell Active! illustration1 Birell Active

Not only did they perfectly mix the new Pomelo & Grape flavour in Birella Active, but they also added vitamin C and B6 to the successful mix. They reduce the level of tiredness and fatigue, which every player will appreciate during a long game. Pomelo and grape perfectly complement the bitterness of hops, creating a refreshing combination that you can turn to at any time.

Are you running out of stamina? Take Birell Active! illustration2 Birell Active

The Birell Active Citrus & Guarana blend will appeal to anyone who enjoys more sour and bitter tastes. The invigorating harmony of exotic flavors will take you to tropical places that you probably know from gaming. Again, vitamin B6 is not missing.

Something sweeter? No problem! It is the blueberries in the Birell Active Blueberry & Acai flavour that give it its sweetness. Again, it is an exotic mix, this time with an emphasis on the combination of blueberry and acai flavours. A combination you will simply fall in love with.

Are you running out of stamina? Take Birell Active! illustration3 Birell Active

All the mentioned blends contain 10 mg of caffeine per 100 ml, i.e. 50 mg in one half-liter can. This is equivalent to about half a cup of espresso. Birell Active will refresh you during work, study and, of course, games until late at night.

However, the trio of flavours at Birello is not the end of it. Two other variants are also available, this time with less sugar. The first one offers mango and lemon flavour. The popular combination has a very fresh taste that takes you to a tropical paradise. The perfect choice for hot summer days.

Finally, we have the citrus combination of lime and lemon. This juicy, pleasantly sour mix is ​​a must-try for citrus lovers. Along with mango and citrus, this flavor contains 30% less sugar than other Birell Active variants.

Are you running out of stamina? Take Birell Active! Illustration 4 Birell Active 1

The choice is really wide. Birell Active offers a bitter version in the form of pomelo with grapefruit, sour thanks to lime and lemon and sweet thanks to blueberry. At Birell, everyone can choose according to their taste. The new Active series will refresh you in the summer while playing and working.

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