A Complex Story and New Friends in Life is Strange: Double Exposure – INDIAN

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The long-awaited sequel to Life is Strange takes place several years after the events of the first part. From the main character Max Caulfield She is now studying at Caledonian University in Vermont, where she makes new friends. One of them is Safiy Llewellyn-Fayadknown as Safi.

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The new trailer is all about Safi. We learn that she will play an important role in Max’s life. Poetic and outgoing, Safi aspires to be a poet. Meanwhile, Max helps her open up. However, the story picks up speed tragic directionwhen one night Safi is mysteriously murdered. There is no evidence, no murder weapon, no witnesses.

A traumatic event causes Max to awaken her powers. time manipulationShe is determined to save her friend and wants to turn back time to prevent the murder. However, something goes wrong and Max ends up in his place. in a parallel timelineIn this film, Safi is alive but still in danger because the killer is still somewhere in between. Max must unravel the mystery and navigate the complexities of both timelines.

Interesting detail: Safi is the daughter of the rector of the Caledonian University, Yasmin. In any case, we should expect a fascinating and emotional story enriched with new game ideas.

Life is Strange: Double Exposure will be released on October 29 this year for PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5. A Nintendo Switch version will also be released later. The game has been criticized for preliminary access. Deluxe Edition owners will be able to play the first two chapters two weeks early. Others are wary of spoilers that may appear online.

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