2K is preparing a new remake after Mafia. Fans want BioShock – INDIAN

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2K Games is still preparing unannounced remake. After Mafia, the publisher of famous brands could bring another of its treasures to life. Fans will most likely miss the remake of the cult film. BioShock. Others would like to see a remake of the comic book shooter Borderlandperhaps a modern form of tactical action Special Operations: Line.

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A remake of BioShock and Borderlands would fit into 2K’s plans. As we know, it has long been fully developed new Bioshockhe’s going to anyway new Borderlands. As for Spec Ops: The Line, this forgotten story event was removed from online stores earlier this year.

Brett Shoop has revealed the development of a remake. The 2K Games 3D artist and animator posted a message on LinkedIn about an unannounced remake. Once the news began to spread online, he changed the description and prepared an unannounced title.

Shupe has contributed to and is involved in the creation of a number of AAA games. Among others, WWE 2K24, NBA 2K24, TopSpin 2K25, and the new BioShock and Mafia titles. He also mentions an unspecified sports title.

What remake would you like? Since release BioShock Remaster It’s been almost eight years. Coincidentally, Jeff Spoonhauer of 2K Cloud Chamber recently commented on the new BioShock. He assured players that work is accelerating. So hopefully we’ll get the first details this year. BioShock 4 was announced back in 2019.

If you’re dreaming of BioShock, this might be your replacement Judas Kevin Levine, the original BioShock writer, may have Clockwork Revolution from inXile Entertainment.

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