Sega’s profits more than halve compared to last fiscal year – INDIA

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The last financial year was not for Segou financially too successful. According to the Gamebiz website, it belonged to her. profit 7.438 billion yen (just over a billion crowns), down 56.8% from last year. Operating profit even fell 86.7% to 2.345 billion yen. Sega compared to last year lost 6.650 billion yen.

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However, sales were quite good.. When earning money from sales 186.655 billion yen (more than CZK 27 billion), here the decrease was only 2.6%. The company’s financial results Sega Sammy Holdingswhich Sega falls under, mention good sales, for example Sonic Superstars or the last two entries in the Like a Dragon/Yakuza series. Like a Dragon: Endless Wealth More than a million copies were sold in the first week alone.

The reason for the loss was the restructuring of the European Sega, especially then Sale of Relic Entertainment and the dismissal of 240 people from other studies. Sega further noted loss of 12.955 billion yen (1.881 billion crowns), which relates to projects whose development was cancelled.

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Source :Indian TV

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