The writers of LA Noire appear to be working on a 1940s psychological thriller.

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Australian songwriter Freya Garbett She shared several photos and videos on Instagram of her recording of music for the supposed video game. Sowden House from the authors Blackor further education Video Games DeluxeIt is supposed to be a psychological thriller set in 1940s Los Angeles that will make players question their own sanity.

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“This is a huge project that is still in the works for me. I never thought I would be composing music for a video game, but I am grateful for the opportunity!” Garbett writes, thanking the musicians she recorded with.

In its current form, they released Video Games Deluxe in 2017 on the label Rockstar Games controversially adopted name LA Noire: Case Files VR a sequel to the six-year-old hit. In 2020, the developers announced that they were working with Rockstar on an open-world virtual reality game. They later removed this information from the post.

The famous Sowden House is a real house in Los Angeles, USA. It is connected to the brutal murder of Elizabeth Short, known as the Black Dahlia. The main suspect, although he was not charged, was Dr. George Hodel. According to his own son and at the same time a detective of the Los Angeles police, Hodel was supposed to torture and kill the woman right in her home. At the same time, she was not necessarily supposed to be his only victim.

Source :Indian TV

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