In the Czech game “Bajka” we immerse ourselves in the dreams of animals.

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Individual Czech studio Hangonite presents his new game Fable. In it, we will play as deer and explore animal dreams. Apparently, we will have the same unconventional experience as in the case of surrealist fiction. Afterglitch.

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“Enter the dreams of animals, from moments of calm to exciting adventures,” writes the game’s creator. Vladimir Kudelka“Explore places where only traces of human presence remain. Only you decide where to go. Become a deer and run through a starry dream world where the past meets imagination.”

The game already has a profile on Steam. The developer told Vortex magazine that he would also like to release Bajka on consoles and in virtual reality. β€œAt the same time, I’m trying to make sure that everything is technologically and performance-wise in line with the development of virtual reality, which actually affects the overall look of the game,” he says. The release is currently planned for next year.

Source :Indian TV

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