Gru and his alien gang to hit theaters in ‘I, Villain 4’

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The most famous animation villain is back! In the fourth part of the series despicable Me You wouldn’t want to be in Gru’s shoes. Not only does his already large family have another child, which gets on his nerves. On top of that, his old enemy has escaped from prison and is very much in love with Gru and his family.

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Time cannot be stopped, and this also applies to the villain Gru, who has “taken a photo” and, instead of ingenious villainous plans, is thinking about how to curry favor with his tiny son Gru Jr. He greatly prefers his mother Lucy and constantly calls his father. However, a villain named Maxime Le Mal, who bullied him back at the base, gives Gru even more wrinkles. He has just escaped from prison, which he got into with great help from Gru, and more than anything, he wants revenge. And since the Anti-Super-Villain League sees this as a threat of the worst kind, they place Gru and his family in the witness protection program, which means new identities and a peaceful life in the suburbs. And as if that weren’t enough, five alien volunteers join a special program to give them superpowers in case Gru’s cover is blown.

Of course, the ambitious plan is daunting in its own right, as the Superkids are super magnets for all sorts of disasters, and also because next door to Gru’s new home lives a teenage girl who dreams of a career as a supervillain and instantly recognizes Gru. And she dreams of learning from this master. We mustn’t forget the vengeful Maximus, who is waiting for his chance.

And the fourth part of the series despicable Me but it is above all a grotesque, brilliantly combining the Mimons’ jokes with a family-adventure story in which Prim Gru, the girls, and also Gru Jr., who cannot yet speak but whose talent for mischief is displayed to an unprecedented degree, play.

  • PREMIERE: 07.04.2024
  • DIRECTOR’S: Chris Renaud, Patrick Delage
  • SCENARIO: Ken Daurio, Mike
  • MUSIC: Heitor Pereira
  • PLAYS (VOICES): Jiri Labus, Veronika Zilkova, Jan Vondracek, Anna Mercedes Ctvrtnickova, Iva Pazderkova, Sasha Rashilov
  • GENRE: Animated comedy
  • FOOTAGE: 94 min.
  • YEAR OF ISSUE: 2024 year
  • STUDIO: UIP – Universal
  • FORMAT: 2D DCP, 5.1, 7.1 sound
  • LANGUAGE VERSION: Czech dubbing, original English version, from 4.7 English with Czech subtitles.
  • AVAILABILITY: for all

Source :Indian TV

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