After the debut release of Tales of Kenzera: ZAU, the developers quit

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Team Surgent Studios “a little over 12 people” were laid off. The developers debuted the platformer in the spring Fairy tales of Kenzera: ZAU sponsored by Electronic Arts and its label EA originals.

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“I’m proud of what this team has accomplished in four years. When things were tough, everyone was incredibly strong and it was inspiring. That’s why this news really irks me. I know we’re not alone, but that doesn’t make it any easier,” the studio executive wrote. Abubakar Salim and names some developers who are recently looking for work.

This is the second team in recent times to pay the price for the financial failure of an EA Originals release. The studio Ascendant had to first fire almost half of all employees, and then send a number of others on forced leave. Their The Immortals of Aveum They didn’t even pay because the budget was as much as $125 million.

Source :Indian TV

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