Nintendo Wants to Produce Enough Switch 2s That Resellers Don’t Stand a Chance – INDIAN

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Getting to know the console PlayStation 5 there was a shortage of manufactured products among resellers. Thanks to their bots, they flooded online stores and bought up a large number of available items, which they then tried to sell at a large profit. At that time, the PS5 was out of stock in stores, which forced players buy console auctions from scalpersNintendo takes this issue very seriously and is not underestimating it when releasing the Switch’s successor.

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Thanks to the huge success of the current Switch, the Japanese company will not have to rush to release a new console. Switch games continue to sell well. So Nintendo is taking steps to ensure that potential buyers don’t have to go through resellers. They should be able to get their hands on the console without them. How?

As Nintendo’s president, Shuntaro Furukawa wants to ensure there are enough devices so that everyone can easily buy new hardware in stores. This is called meet the demandwhich no one has managed to do so far. In recent years, especially due to the shortage of semiconductors. Fortunately for Nintendo, this problem has been solved. Moreover, Nintendo was able to cope with this even in the case of the production of the current Switch, which, of course, Furukawa did not forget to remind us about.

“In addition, we are also considering whether we can take other measures within the limits permitted by law and taking into account the circumstances of individual regions,” he said. Furukawa added.

The successor to the Nintendo Switch will be announced later this fiscal year, or by the end of March 2025 at the latest.

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Source :Indian TV

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