Resident Evil 9 confirmed. Director of the seventh part is responsible for development – INDIAN.

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After much speculation, we have it in black and white. Capcom confirmed this evening Resident Evil 9He is the director of the new part of the horror action film. Koshi Nakanishiwhich was signed, among other things, for a very well received Resident Evil 7.

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“We are preparing a new Resident Evil. It was difficult to figure out what to do after Resident Evil 7, but I managed to figure it out and this is something significant. I can’t reveal any details yet, but I hope you look forward to the day when I can.” — Nakanishi said during Capcom’s presentation. Next summer 2024, the Japanese company will show a remaster of Dead Rising Deluxe.

And that’s it. The director’s brief statement is in line with what insider Dusk Golem has been reporting in recent months. According to him, development began back in 2018 and Capcom has high hopes for the game. The developers have the biggest budget and should take advantage of the open world Dragon’s Dogma 2. This fantasy RPG was intended to test whether the RE Engine could handle an open world. But fans needn’t worry, The DNA sequence will be preserved..

There are rumors that he will be the main character. Leon and the areas should be more expansive. Resident Evil 9 was reportedly set to release in January 2025, but the date was pushed back.

Nakanishi also worked on Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D for the Nintendo 3DS, Resident Evil Revelations, and served as a designer on Resident Evil 5.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard was released in 2017 and brought first-person view with a gripping and terrifying story set within the walls of an abandoned southern farm with a deranged family. The game has an average rating of 86%.

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Source :Indian TV

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