Capcom Confirms New Resident Evil, Created by 7th Part Creator

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Capcom’s conference today had a solid lineup promising new information on Kunitsu-Gami, a Dead Rising remaster, and a mobile version of RE7. The latter title also saw its director Koshi Nakanishi appear on stage to talk about how he and RE7 are returning to the roots of the series. However, he didn’t forgive himself for a pretty big revelation at the end of his talk.

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He confirmed that a new Resident Evil is in development at Capcom. Of course, that’s nothing shocking, but it’s a big part of what we know about him being the main creative force behind the new work, which is most likely the much-speculated Resident Evil 9 in recent months.

“We’re making a new Resident Evil” — says Nakanishi. “It was really hard to figure out what to do after seven. But I figured it out, and to be honest, it’s pretty big. I can’t share any details yet, but I hope you’re looking forward to the day when I can.”

In addition to Part 7, Nakanishi also directed the Revelations spin-off and the independent Mercenaries, and then worked as a designer on Part 5, so he already has a lot of experience working with the brand.

Either way, with this revelation, it’s clear that Capcom is officially starting to tease the new game, with a full reveal just around the corner. Will we see it at Gamescom in August as part of Opening Night Live, Tokyo Game Show in September, or perhaps The Game Awards in December? We’ll have to be surprised.

Source :Indian TV

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