Ubisoft boss condemns online personal attacks on employees following Assassin’s Creed Shadows launch – INDIAN

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In recent years, some game and platform “lovers” have gone overboard and after general criticism they resort to attacks on developers. They are insulted on social networks and, unfortunately, there are also cases when they they threaten. Ubisoft CEO condemned these personal online attacks.

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Something similar happened earlier to The Last of Us Part 2 creators Naughty Dog over the story of Joel and muscular Abby. Yves Guillemot did not directly specify which of his employees were harmed. But given the reaction it caused black samurai Yasuke V Shadows of Assassin’s Creedso I would expect this to be an attack faced by the creators of a large RPG set in feudal Japan.

“I am concerned about the vulgar and direct attacks online that are targeting some of our team members and our partners. I want to make it clear that Ubisoft strongly condemns such reprehensible behavior.” — Guillemot said in an interview published on the official Ubisoft website.

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Source :Indian TV

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