Valve says more players than ever are playing games on Steam with an INDIAN controller

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Valve Company States that More and more gamers are playing games on the Steam platform using a controllerXbox controllers lead the way with almost 60%. This is based on their short report where they talk about how the controller interface has changed on Steam.

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More and more PC gamersor at least those who voluntarily provide data about their hardware and software to participate in a Steam survey, they move the mouse and keyboard to the sideso that they can sit comfortably in a chair, put their feet on the table and, holding the controller on their lap, play and relax like their colleagues on the console. Using drivers for over the past 6 years has grown to 15% from the initial 5% in 2018.

Valve also stated that only about 42% of players directly use Steam Inputwhich is surprisingly low considering how convenient and often simpler the service is than various third-party tools. However, there is one piece of information that could clear up this mystery, and it also has to do with the composition of the drivers themselves.

According to their report, the most used controllers are Xbox. Although it does not specify what generation of drivers it is. This means that I good old Xbox 360 controller it’s still great, accessible, and easy to use on Windows. So it wouldn’t be surprising if it represented a significant portion of Xbox controllers, but we can’t forget about later generations of controllers which were very successful. “We’ve released a driver for Windows that provides better support for Xbox One controllers, including the back buttons on Xbox Elite controllers.” Valve adds that controller support is gradually expanding on Steam.

PlayStation controller is used by 26% of users and internal Steam deck (which Valve also considers a controller) used by 10% of players. “Working with Sony, we’ve achieved better support for PlayStation controllers (including DualSense Edge) and ensured that future third-party licensed controllers will be supported automatically.” Valve reports this.

It can be assumed, that the remaining 5% of controllers are controllers from other brands and Nintendo.. Valve also states that thanks to this feature Steam Input supports over 300 types of controllers. including the new HORIPAD for Steam, which will be available in Japan later this summer. Of course Valve still has expand support and other features of Steam Input. How are you? Do you use a controller (or something else) when playing PC games or are you an avid mouse and keyboard player?

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Source :Indian TV

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