The original Resident Evil is now available on GOG

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Last week, somewhat unexpectedly, a rating for the completely original 1996 Resident Evil for PC appeared on the PEGI website. Speculation immediately began as to what this could mean, with fans having been clamoring for a remastered collection of the first trilogy for quite some time. And although we didn’t get the remaster right away, today’s announcement will definitely please fans as well.

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The GOG store announced and immediately released the PC version of the first Resident Evil, you can now buy it for 10 euros. The new edition promises full support for Windows 10 and 11, improved DirectX rendering including new options such as V-Sync and anti-aliasing, an improved splash screen player, and support for almost all modern gamepads.

But number one is not the only work that can be viewed on GOG. 1998’s Resident Evil 2 and 1999’s Resident Evil 3: Nemesis are also expected to release this year, and we can expect similar improvements from them. You can already buy a package of all three games for 25 euros.

Source :Indian TV

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