We can recommend MultiVersus, only with the caveat – INDIAN

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When I first tried MultiVersus two years ago, I was full of doubts. On the one hand, it was a great idea, on the other hand, the game had many problems. The announcement that it was Early Access surprised almost everyone. However, after a two-year hiatus, the game was finally released officially. Even though most of the bugs were fixed and content was added, new issues emerged that left me with a bittersweet feeling while playing.

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The multiverse is multiplayer platform fighting game bringing together most of the brands owned by Warner Bros. Fans of old horror films such as Gremlins and Friday the 13th, as well as fans of comic book characters or modern cartoons such as Rick and Morty or Steven Universe will be delighted. There are a whopping 26 fighters waiting for you on launch day, with more to come soon. Agent Smith from The Matrix has already been announced. But this predominantly multiplayer game will be fun and suspenseful at the same time, whether you’re playing alone or with friends on the same couch.

Your task will be to sweep enemies off the map. Instead of classic lives, there is a damage multiplier indicator. The more enemies you hit, the more it increases, which in turn increases the distance an enemy will fly with a well-aimed power attack. In short, if you get a good amount of money, it will be harder for you to stay on the platforms. In addition to the two types of attacks, you will often have to dodge and jump.

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