FIFAe World Cup unexpectedly moves to Rocket League – INDIA

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When Electronic Arts refused to pay many times more for FIFA license (allegedly a billion dollars) and broke off cooperation, so that the International Federation of Association Football threatened great competition. However, so far we have only received four games using the Web 3.0 blockchain, which EA Sports FC (as FIFA is called without a license) simply does not have. Although there are rumors in the corridors that she should have negotiated a FIFA license. 2K Sports. He creates NBA 2K, WWE 2K or TopSpin.

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In anticipation of something big, unexpected collaborations occur. FIFA has reached an agreement with Epic Games. In Fortnite, she has found a new partner for the eSports championship. Fortunately, this will not happen in the hit Battle Royale, but in Rocket League. The popular game, which can be called toy football, will be the site of the World Cup. FIFAe.

16 countries will take part in the tournament. Four players from each will compete (three main and one reserve). Registration is currently underway.

According to the Fédération Internationale Football’s Christian Wolk, the association with Rocket League represents a new era for FIFA and offers member associations an innovative competitive platform.

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Source :Indian TV

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