A sequel to Red Faction could have been created at Fishlabs, but Embracer narrowly missed out on the offer.

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According to former studio employees Fishlabswith whom Rock Paper Shotgun magazine spoke, a new part of the popular series may be created by a German team Red faction. However, the proposal was rejected by the maternity commission. Hugger and the studio had to fire almost half of its employees.

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The attempt to get Red Faction was decided by the developers from Fishlabs after Embracer (authorized people from other studios) canceled their in-development game called Project Black. Development of the 3D sci-fi Metroidvania was slow, the game’s concept was unclear, and the team’s organizational structure was in chaos.

They wanted to continue the most successful third part with the subtitle Guerilla.

Although the developers considered other projects – for example, they were deciding whether they could take on the Lord of the Rings or Middle-earth licenses – they eventually settled on Red Faction, an established brand owned directly by their parent company. by Plaionhaving lost its original developer in the form of Embracer cutout will.

Fishlabs wanted to continue the most successful third part with a subtitle. Partisan. They planned to return to an open world and perhaps lean towards immersive simulator elements. The protagonist was again involved in a revolution on Mars, this time greener after more extensive terraforming.

The voting ended in a draw, which, according to internal rules, meant the project was abandoned.

The mood in the team had to be positive, despite the cancellation of the previous title. The developers also believed in Embracer’s interest in the new Red Faction because they were able to obtain government subsidies. Since last time, they should have improved, among other things, the organization and clarified the hierarchy in project management. After the final draft of the game, the committee voted again, as was the case with Project Black. The voting ended in a draw, which, according to internal rules, meant an uncompromising rejection of the project.

Even when employees went to a critical meeting hoping for a positive development, people at Plaion seemed to like the idea. But the crying bosses revealed to them the reaction of Embracer, which at the same time decided to release most of the developers who were not actively developing. Thus, those who were responsible for external development for other teams remained at Fishlabs. The development director also left the studio Tobias Severin and Managing Director Stefan Bayer.

Source :Indian TV

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