Were changes in management the reason for the closure of Tango Gameworks? Matt Booty suggests this

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Matt Bootythe president Xbox regarding gaming content, he spoke in an interview with Variety about the studio’s closure, among other things Tango Gameworks. Microsoft managers have made very few and brief comments on the unexpected move, and the reasons given so far, such as the lack of people coordinating development on the part of the parent company ZeniMax, are often perceived by players as unsatisfactory. According to Buti, the question of whether the team had the same people who were responsible for its success.

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“I will not go into specific details of the decision, mainly out of respect for the people who [ve studiu] they worked because they did a great job on Hi-Fi Rush, a great game that did well,” Booty said, reiterating that Microsoft considers rhythm action game Hi-Fi Rush a great success, even though we don’t. know the financial results of the title.

“In my opinion, it is necessary to take into account that in this situation we are looking to the future as much as we are looking back at a particular game… There are many factors that influence the success of a game. What is your leadership? What is your creative direction? Is this the same team that had success before?” Matt Booty hints at a change in leadership at Tango Gameworks.

However, for the sake of context, it is necessary to add that the founder of the studio Shinji Mikami he left the team at the beginning of 2023, but the only game in which he acted as game director was the debut The Evil Within. He signed on with the others as executive producer. He took responsibility for the development of Ghostwire: Tokyo. Ikumi Nakamura as game director Kenji Kimura, who also left the studio in the middle of last year. But, for example, the head of development of Hi-Fi Rush John Johannas he already directed The Evil Within 2 and was the team’s creative director for a long time.

Even if the factors that led to success existed before, they may not all still be present.

“We need to look at all these aspects together and ask ourselves whether we can continue to be successful in the future. And even if the factors and circumstances that led to success existed previously, they may not all still exist,” adds the president of Xbox.

Last but not least, Booty also mentions the possibility of the studio splitting from Microsoft, as happened with Toys for Bob. Why didn’t Xbox find such a solution for any of the canceled studios? Tango Gameworks, Arcane Austin And Alpha games with dogs he didn’t specify. “Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t,” he said.

Source :Indian TV

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