Starfield was the victim of a review explosion due to Bethesda’s actions

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Starfield never got over the situation after a disastrous launch that ultimately resulted in over 97% of players abandoning it in a short period of time. In the future, the situation has improved a little; notifications associated with the new update were received quite positively. However, what looked nice at first glance was not really appreciated by the community in the end, since the added Creation Club, associated with the monetization of modifications, is clearly too expensive for players and not all the elements present in it make sense for them after a detailed evaluation.

Starfield was the victim of an explosion at a Starfield 4 review due to Bethesda's actions

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For example, the Tracker’s Alliance mission asks you for about 700 credits, which after conversion is about $7. Perhaps what’s controversial is not so much the price, but the fact that this mission is based on a pre-existing story that isn’t completely inconsequential. One Reddit user commented on the situation as follows: “They charge for extra things that should have been there in the first place. If people accept it, it won’t give Bethesda a reason to stop doing it in the future.

The Tracker Alliance sets a dangerous precedent.
byu/The_IrishTurtle in Starfield

Starfield currently has a very negative rating on Steam of 26%. In short, Creation Club always manages to give communities a worthy kick, as has been proven many times in the past. The game is available on PC and Xbox Series X/S consoles, where you can try out new features in Czech.

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