A change in management is most likely to blame for the closure of Tango Gameworks – INDIAN

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It’s been almost two months since news spread around the world that Xbox, and therefore Microsoft, had closed the studios responsible for Redfall and Hi-Fi Rush. While the closure of Arkane Austin was sad news, Redfall was not very successful and in some ways It makes sense. Closure of Tango Gameworks, creator of an award-winning, highly acclaimed and popular game. Hi-Fi Rushbut many eyebrows have already been raised.

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It was this situation that Matt Booty, the current head of Xbox Game Studios, spoke about in an interview with Variety. and told what happened and what was behind the closure of this studio.

He didn’t go into detail – a detailed autopsy will likely be carried out in the coming years – but he offered a tantalizing reason.

I think you have to take into account that for us this is a situation that is both about the future and looking back at one particular match… There are a lot of things that go into the success of a game. What is your leadership? What is your creative direction? Is this the same team that has done something successful before?He said.

It’s the last sentence that gives the most understanding a possible problem, which was handled by the Tango Gameworks team. Finally, founder Shinji Mikami left early last year – about a month after Hi-Fi Rush was released.

We need to look at all these things together and then ask ourselves if we are ready for success in the future. And even if the factors and situations that led to success existed before, they may no longer exist. […],Matt Booty added.

Does this mean that the new management of the studio did not want to work with Microsoft? Maybe they wanted to focus on games that Microsoft didn’t agree with? Perhaps she was incompetent. There are a lot of possibilities and, unfortunately, we will not know the real truth today and now.

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