The annual Beyond Good & Evil is finally here. Next week – INDIAN

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Few things have had as many leaks and been such an open secret lately as this one. Beyond Good and Evil – 20th Anniversary Edition.

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A special remastering and anniversary edition of the game was announced almost a year ago. However, things took a complete turn yesterday when the game was pulled from sale and Limited Run Games had its own special showcase that players were invited to via the game’s official Twitter account.

Now it’s finally all black and white; there is an updated edition of the cult adventure game Beyond Good & Evil. And it’s coming out next week. Specifically on Tuesday, 25.6.

At the same time, the publication itself is proud updated graphics in 4K resolution with support for 60 frames per second. The controls and sounds of the re-recorded music were also to be improved. Added autosaves, the ability to skip cut scenes, there is full support for controllers and keyboards with a mouse, or even cross-save on all platforms.

The publication also invites you to learn more about the childhood of the main character Jade. and its connection with the sequel, which is currently considered development hell. “Learn more about Jade’s childhood and her connection to Beyond Good & Evil 2 during a treasure hunt in Hillis! Collect exclusive cosmetic rewards as you progress through the game and explore the planet.“We find out from the label on the official website, which promises completely new story mission.

However, that’s not all, because Ubisoft offers several more new products as part of the publication. First of all, they behind the scenes affairs such as artwork, videos, jokes, or other secrets. For speedrunners there is a completely new mode without suction and with a timer and pro achievement hunter there are more than 20 of them.

As has already happened, the edition of the game will be released on June 25, that is, on Tuesday, for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch. Thanks to Limited Run Games it will also be created Collector’s Editionwhich will be available in pre-sale 12.7.

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Source :Indian TV

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