The most popular demo of the Steam Next festival.

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Over the past few days, the traditional Steam Next festival has taken place on the pages of the Steam digital store, which was characterized by more than two thousand free demos. Immediately after the end of the event, Valve published a review of the games that managed to reach the largest number of players. While some games offer pre-order options, you can at least add more distant titles to your wishlist.

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Multiplayer survival has attracted most players Once upon a time a man from independent studio Starry. Tactical action then took second place Level zero: Extraction, which relies on PvE battles and a dark atmosphere. Racing Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, relaxing action Tiny Glade, the Duckside event, sci-fi adventure game The Alters or the soul game Enotria: The Last Song also attracted interest from a large group of players.

TOP 20 most popular demo versions of the Steam Next festival:

Source :Indian TV

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