Bananas defeated Baldur’s Gate 3?! – NATIVE AMERICAN

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If you’re looking Steam Charts You may have noticed that the new game has made it to the top of famous games such as PUBG, Palworld or Elden Ring. Banana is at the time of writing in 9th place. Thus, it surpassed Hogwarts Legacy and Baldur’s Gate 3, which is no longer in the top 10.

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So why was this free game worth it? Does it offer players exceptional gameplay or does it have beautiful graphic design? No, neither one nor the other. Despite the fact that on Steam, players assign tags such as psychological horror or dating simulator to it. this is a clicker game. Your only goal is to click on the banana and increase the team’s score above it. Unfortunately, you will lose this score after turning off the game.

If the game is so banal, then why is it 87% positive feedback? If you look at player reviews, you will find that most of them are just trying to be funny and seem to be written by “banana fanatics”. Negative reviews are no better. But some try to reveal in them what developers actually do.

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Source :Indian TV

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