Game Pass will add at least these four interesting games in September – INDIAN

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During the summer months, we spend less time on PCs and consoles, forcing publishers to release games after the summer holidays. It’s great to see it on the currently confirmed list of games that will be added on release day. Game pass.

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Subscribers can look forward to four exciting games in September. That is, unless something changes and one of them won’t tolerate the transfer. But at the moment this is relevant:

3/9 for PC and Xbox Series X/S

Star Trucker is an intergalactic big truck simulator that combines RPG elements with the peaceful bliss of a truck simulation. We will transport cargo, trade garbage and seek wealth and glory among the stars.

“Hop into the cockpit of your big rocket-powered vehicle to haul cargo, search for debris, and interact with an eccentric handful of star truckers on this American road trip along the largest highway in space!” the label says.

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Source :Indian TV

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