New footage of Indiana Jones and the Big Circle looks like a mix of Wolfenstein and Riddick – INDIAN

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Swedish studio MachineGames, part of publisher Bethesda Softworks, has made a name for itself thanks to its fantastic shooter. Wolfenstein: New Order from 2014 and at least no worse, the prequel is a year younger Wolfenstein: Old Blood. But let’s not forget that it was founded by a former employees of the Starbreeze studio, who in the past created, for example, the cult stealth action game The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay (2004). And if you still missed this fact, new footage from the adventure game. Indiana Jones and the Big Circlewhich MachineGames is currently working on will remind you very easily.

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Bethesda tweeted just 19 seconds of the video, part of which includes a warning from ratings agency ESRB. Although even in these few seconds The new Indy game more than anything else resembles a cross between the new parts of the Wolfenstein series and the already mentioned Riddick. At the same time, the footage shows not only the chilling bowels of the ship and the obligatory beating of nags, but also the opportunity to lean around the corner, use objects found on the ground during the battle and sneak up or throw things. to distract attention. All this with a traditional first-person view.

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Source :Indian TV

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