An ambitious life is canceled from you. It should have been The Sims challenger – INDIAN

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It was supposed to be a big competition Sims. From an ambitious game Life is you from Rod Humble (he was the head of The Sims and then Second Life), but nothing will happen. After several delays, the title was cancelled. The Sims Challenger was originally scheduled to release in Early Access last September.

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The company announced the cancellation of the game Paradox Interactiveaccording to which the studio Paradoxical tectonics it falls According to the statement, it was an incredibly difficult decision, but the game will not be able to live up to their expectations. The version they would be happy with is too far off.

“Life by You has been in development for a long time and we have always been excited about the potential of the game. We always hoped that she would be able to make her mark in this new and exciting genre for us. That’s why we decided to delay the release twice, to give the studio and the game a real chance to realize the potential we saw in it. We saw improvement with each delay, which may have forced us to focus on the details rather than the big picture.” explains Paradox Interactive.

“We decided to delay the Early Access release a few weeks ago to re-evaluate Life by You as we felt it was still missing some key features. While a further delay was possible, once we had a broader view of the game, we realized that the path to getting a version to market that we could be confident in was too long and uncertain.” adds Paradox, saying it needs to change its game development process. Construction modeling should be mentioned here. Cities: Horizons 2which was released but completely failed to live up to the community’s expectations.

Life by You should allow you to build houses, design farms and tell many stories from the life of your charges or family. Compared to The Sims, the game should have offered conversations in real languages, which were supposed to be generated based on events that were supposed to happen in the game. The authors put a lot of effort into the dialogue and wanted to offer their own editor so that everything could be edited.

Fans of life simulators should look forward to the new The Sims, the interesting look of Paralives and the rather ambitious INZOI from Krafton.

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