Twitter/X has blocked and appears to have deleted the DayZ account – INDIAN

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Twitter used to be a relatively open and accessible social network, but two years ago an eccentric billionaire emerged. Elon Musk with the idea of ​​buying it, renaming it X and pretending that under his rule it would turn into a real paradise and an example of true freedom of speech. But the opposite happened. Many users still call it Twitter and use it constantly. There are unpredictable changes and interventions that often undo what Musk has promised in the past.. Not to mention the years-long problem with bots and fake accounts, or the fact that even some basic features, such as the ability to edit messages, are paid.

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The average user can easily get the impression that the entire social network will drop from ten to five in the long term. And the gaming industry, including the Czech one, can sometimes create this impression. Studio Bohemia Interactive announced that official Twitter account temporarily frozen DayZwhich is somewhat appropriate when the creators of the successful survival game are preparing a frosty expansion called Frostline.

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Source :Indian TV

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